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Home School Preschool – 3 Skills Every Preschooler Should Know

The basis for our education system has not changed much over the past five thousand years. We may now be teaching children from an earlier age, but this is simply tapping into children’s natural genius; much as Mozart’s father did when he began teaching him at the age of four.

But what we teach our children as the basis of our education system becomes the building blocks for their future education and careers. These building blocks are reading, writing and counting.

Every word that you read, every letter that you write and every number that you see and can calculate was built on this foundation of reading, writing and counting.

It is therefore important to make sure that your home schooled preschooler has a solid foundation in the basics of these three skills before they move onto more difficult and complex tasks. By ensuring that they can read with ease and enjoy reading for fun, that they can write the letters of the alphabet and numbers and can count from 1 to 100 (not such a difficult task) you will ensure that the rest of their learning becomes easy and fun and that they don’t associate these simple tasks with difficulty.

The greatest obstacle to home schooling your preschooler is to ensure that you always have their attention when learning these basic skills. By following a few simple rules, you ensure that they not only have fun, but also that they see themselves as succeeding at it, thus increasing their confidence and making future learning fun and easy as well.


Teach your child the 100 most common words in the English language. This will ensure that they are able to read approximately half of everything written in the English Language. This can range from the bible to a medical encyclopaedia. All books and written material will contain these 100 words. This provides an excellent basis for their future reading.


The skill of writing, a much revered skill of the past, is at its simplest a matter of hand-eye coordination. You have to simply introduce your home schooled preschooler to writing by getting them to doodle with a pen on paper. Once they are comfortable with the idea of a pen, show them how to hold it and once they are comfortable with that action, show them how to write letters.

Your three or four year old will be able to write the letters of the alphabet within a month. It won’t be very neat or exact, but will be on par with a doctor’s handwriting.


Begin by teaching your child the primary numbers – 0 to 9. Then show them the numbers in your day-to-day world. Show them the numbers in books, magazine, phone numbers and on TV. Soon they will begin to recognise the numbers and you can then begin to teach them to count further. Remember do not teach your preschooler everything at once, but instead teach them in small increments letting them fully understand one concept before moving onto the next one.

In Conclusion

When you are home schooling your preschooler, remember that you are not on anyone’s schedule other than your child’s. So, spend as much time as you need making sure that they have a solid and confident grasp of the basics, thus ensuring the success of your preschoolers future education and also making future learning easier for them.

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