Practical Home Schooling Options For The Single Parent

One of the more overwhelming challenges is that faced by a parent that wishes to take on practical home schooling, but doesn’t have a partner. For many in this situation, the requirement to earn adequate income to support both child and parent is vital.

But many single parents that are determined are able to find ways each year to home educate their children. The final results are typically worthwhile. A home tutored child will typically surpass their equals on similar tests and have a high rating on college admissions listings.

The initial issue is often related to time management. A well prepared parent soon discovers that they have more available time for practical home schooling than they might expect. That is typically true if you account for the actual tuition hours offered in a public school. In a school day, there’s a break between classes, lunch breaks, and a good deal of sitting about not doing much. By being certain that each hour counts at home can easily compensate.

A child can be left completely free to act on any topic that interests them, and at their individual pace. Or, they might be offered with guidance and resources to execute a great deal of individual study. The answers can be reviewed later on in the day and alterations made, if required.

Tutoring in a variety of styles is one more choice for a single parent that wishes to home school. Tutors can range from an in-house instructor to an online resource that’s entirely automated. The costs are likely to vary greatly, but a lot of tutors tend to cost less than full time day care. In some cases, a tutoring role can be combined with day care service.

Some single parents will opt to begin a home based business. Once you add up the expense of gasoline for the vehicle, full time day care, and the time spent on travelling back and forth, a home based business can often appear more cost effective. This does not even take into account the potential tax savings from additional write-offs.

With a small amount of creative thinking and fair measure of research, a single parent can discover the resources and time for practical home schooling their child. Both child and parent are likely to benefit significantly if they do.

Universal Law of Attraction – Telling the Universe to Attract Your Desires

The universal law of attraction is the greatest of the ancient and unchanging primal laws that rule the universe. The universal law of attraction, to put it simply, is, “like attracting like.” If you think it, it will come.

All of us are made up of energy. We have within us the exact same atoms and molecules that comprise the universe. Thus, we are interconnected, and whatever energy we give off – whether positive or negative – will draw energy exactly like it.

The universal law of attraction falls into place when what starts off as an idea is developed into a calling, and then guided to reality by your deeds or the steps you take to achieve it.

Maybe you may have heard of the potency of positive thinking. That is just what this is. It is all in the mind, as the famous adage goes.

As powerful and beneficial as having this kind of mindset is, the same holds true for its opposite. If you concentrate too much on the negative and persistently get anxious about anything and everything, then the negative aspects will be birthed into reality.

Contrary to that, if you go about life in a continuous state of optimism and affirmation, then you will be sending out good vibes to the rest of humanity. The world will then absorb those vibrations, and other people will respond with the same positivity as yours.

In Paulo Coelho’s celebrated book, The Alchemist, the weathered king tells the shepherd boy, “When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.” This is the essence of the universal law of attraction. It’s not a function of “if” you will get what you hope for. Rather, it is “when” your deepest desires will come to you.

Based on the universal law of attraction, you have the power to make things come true merely by thinking it. Cliché it may be, just about anything can become reality if you put your mind to it. If you can think it, you will be able to get it, do anything you wish, or become anyone you want to be.

Reserve no room for fear and negativity, or these insidious frames of mind will take hold of your life and tag along like a storm cloud. Do not disbelieve for a split second that your dreams will come true. If you are totally and utterly sure that they will come true, then trust that they will do just that. But don’t just sit on your laurels absorbing everything that happens your way. Take charge and draw toward yourself all the success and prosperity the universe has prepared for you. Though you may not be aware of it yet, you are in complete control of your choices.

But how exactly do you think your way to success? Focus on your goal, believe it is in your hands, and visualize for it to become reality. Experience it in your mind – the feel of it in your fingers, having it so near you; you can just taste it, and the euphoria of knowing it is yours for the taking. Give yourself these positive experiences and you will draw similarly positive effects.

In film, what delineates drama and melodrama is that, with the latter, their environment holds sway on the characters. With drama, as opposed to melodrama, the characters themselves shape their own circumstances. Just as in the universal law of attraction, you make your own reality; just like in a movie, you create your own denouement.

Step Into the Field of Automotive Technology With Online Education

Automotive Technology has revolutionized the human way of living since with the introduction of the first automobile in 1885. This area of study comes under the vocational field of education which has developed in a dramatic way mainly due to the ever-increasing purchasing of new and used automobiles.

According to a research passed on 2007 there were about 135,399,945 licensed automobiles present in the US alone. Hence the more automobiles you have the more skilled automotive personals you need. For those of you looking for an opportunity to seek automotive technology training online you can now become a professional in to time with the following certificate and degree programs.

Automotive Training (Online Certificate Program)

The certificate program provides students with technical and complex ability to deal with all kinds of car problems; it also provides you with skills which enable you to handle and fix all braking, electronics and engine problems.

If you prefer automotive technology training online then it will take you about six to eighteen months to complete the certificate program. The following coursework is included in the automotive training certificate program:

• Performance and Diagnosis

• Automotive Service Fundamentals

• Brake Systems

• Automotive Computer Systems

• Automatic and Manual Drive Trains

• Steering and Suspension

• Transmissions

• Electronic Systems

After you have completed your certificate program through online education you will be able to do all automotive technology services giving you access to work at repair shops, automobile retail shops and warehouses.

Career Outlook & Salary Info

Those who complete their automotive training certificate program can go on to pursue careers as auto technicians, parts specialists, CNG & LPG mechanics etc. Besides this you can also pursue various other courses through online education:

• Engine Repair Course

• Transmission Course

• Electrical Systems Course

• Heating & Cooling Course

• Brake Systems Course

The average salary income for an automotive technology expert is explained below:

In a Management positions you can earn about: $75,000 to $100,000 a year

If you are working as a High-level mechanic you will easily be able to earn: $55,500 – $65,600 a year

These are the figures for Mid-level mechanics who earn: $35,400 – $55,500 and Entry level mechanics whose average earnings are: $25,000 – $55,000 a year

Non-certified repair technicians also bag in: $18,000 a year

Online Schools and Colleges offering Automotive Technology Training Online

Yes there are various accredited and well established schools and colleges which offer you automotive training online through online education. Few of their names are listed below:

• ICS Canada

• Penn Foster Career School

• Lincoln College of Technology

• Universal Technical Institute

Is Home Schooling Special Needs Children the Best Option

There is an ongoing debate regarding integrating special needs children into regular classrooms or home schooling. While this discussion is not new, it has taken some interesting turns in recent years. The educational system has changed in a number of ways during the past decade with the children of immigrants enrolling in larger numbers than ever.  This has resulted in a change of curriculum in many school districts in the way students are taught.  Finally, teachers are demanding more in terms of monetary rewards for the rigors of educating an ever diversified student population ripe with drugs, guns, family discord, and sex.  On top of all of that, districts struggle with budget issues and increasing pressure to have students score high on standardize tests.  If you are the parent of a special needs child, this is the school environment your child is exposed to on a daily basis. Often the resources are simply limited and there just isn’t enough to spread around to address your child’s individual learning needs. Ideally, as parents we would like to think a healthy balance can be reached to give our special needs children the support they need within the public school system. Private schools may be another option, however there are limitations with this educational choice as well. Frequently these schools lack diversity and may have a philosophy completely different from your fundamental beliefs.

Obviously there are no easy answers to this dilemma.  However a practical approach tempered with optimism may offer some viable solutions. First, and foremost, we must consider the child in question. What is the child’s level of functioning and what is the family background?  There must be an objective assessment made to determine if being in a regular classroom or receiving lessons at home is most advantageous to the child. Is there a network of friends, family, and community contacts to provide socialization outside of the classroom? Parents must decide if their child be best served by staying home and which parent should assume home schooling duties. In years past, moms took on the traditional role of staying home with the kids and this included any home school activities involved. Today this may or may not be the case as many more fathers actively participate in staying at home and caring for young children. In addition the financial well being of the family must be accounted for in the event one parent has to give up a job outside of the home. Finally parents should talk to their child to gain input before making such an important decision. Valuable insight can be gained by simply talking the situation out with your special needs child and other children in the home.  Ultimately this is a family decision that should only be made after considering both short term and long term ramifications.

Advantageous Online Degree Courses From Online Universities

Information technology has its impact on education too. Now you can get online degree in Finance, Political Science, Accounts, Administration and Engineering etc. Students can even get online degree in Law and Medical too. Pursuing online degree in Master of Business Administration is a better idea if you are already busy in office. The day is not too far when students will strive to get an online degree on their desired subject such as Economics, History, Mathematics and Graphic Designing. Mushrooming of online universities is an indication that more and more high school graduates are opting for an online degree rather than traditional one.

What is online degree?

The degree awarded by an accredited online university to students in various fields is called an online degree. The basic difference between an online degree and traditional degree is the mode of teaching. In an online university everything goes online. You can attend classes, ask questions to professors, work on a project and appear in examinations online in an online university.

Students can enroll for an online degree by filling online admission form. Online universities give enroll students in various online degree courses round the year. Each online university has its separate fees structure for various online degree courses. Students search for that online university, which offers most cost effective online degree courses. Above all, online universities offer much more degree courses than a traditional university. You can find out thousand of online degree courses to choose between in an online university whereas a traditional university offers only selective degree courses.

Benefits of online degree course

Chalking out a sharp difference between an online degree course and traditional degree course is the best way to find out the benefits of an online degree course.

  • Working people can easily get promotions, increments or switch over to another job by sharpening their skills with online degree course.
  • Students of an online degree course can attend classes on the weekend or whenever they feel free. In a traditional university, you are supposed to attend classes in a fix time frame.
  • There is no limitation to seats in an online university. Any number of students can get enrolled for an online degree course.
  • Students need not to have good GPA or certificates to get enrolled in an online degree course. This is not the case with traditional universities. They adopt strict criteria in enrolling students due to limited number of seats.
  • Online degree programs offer financial aid to the needy students just like the traditional colleges do. Online universities also give placements to their students.
  • You can study at your own pace only in an online university.
  • Online universities are much less expensive than the traditional universities. You can easily get scholarships and student loans for an online degree course.

The benefits of online degree course do not end here. More and more high school graduates are enrolling in online degree courses because of the liberal admission and coaching style of online universities. It is easier to search an online university on internet.

Environmental Online Education – Avoid Needless Journeys By Teaching And Learning From Home

One of the most discussed topics over the last 20 years has been the earth and its’ environment. Many organisations and governments have attempted to educate people to change their thinking regarding ecological or “green issues”. Whether it is recycling, lowering the “carbon footprint” or reducing CFCs there is seldom a day goes by where such subjects and issues aren’t prevalent on the news, either in newspapers, online or on TV. In more recent times there has been a large focus on travelling and the harmful effects needless journeys can bring. Indeed, many companies or organisations have suggested “share a car schemes” or faster lanes on our highways or motorways in a bid to encourage people to car-share and travel less.

In the city of London, “congestion charges” have been introduced as a means to lower and control travelling by individuals. Whilst such endeavours are admiral, there is still an “onus” upon us as individuals to “make a difference”, however small, where possible. Many ideas and solutions to lower needless travelling are already well documented. However, one area, which can make a big difference, but is often overlooked are the advantages Online Education can bring to the environment.

How can Online Education Help Teachers, Students & The Environment?

There are many Online Educational Services available, perhaps the most effective are those which encourage the use of webcams as the “virtual classroom”. Such services allow both teachers and students to teach or learn online, regardless of where they may live. Unless a lesson actually requires physical touch between the student and teacher, online lessons should be as affective as actual face to face lessons.

There are two main benefits that Online Education can give to the students, teachers and the environment:

  • As lessons take place from the home, teachers no longer need to leave the house in order to teach their students. They are able to save time, money and help the environment by avoiding needless journeys.
  • Similarly, students no longer have to make unnecessary journeys to visit their teachers. All of this helps the harmful effects travelling can produce to the environment.

How can Students & Teachers Teach or Learn Online?

  • Online Learning & Teaching is surprisingly easy. Essentially, both parties only need the following:
  • A standard PC, Notebook or Laptop.
  • Access to the internet.
  • Use of the main free “IM Tools” (Instant Message Tools), Skype, MSN (Windows Live Messenger), OoVoo or Yahoo Messenger.
  • A Webcam and Standard headphones, headset (or earphone/mic combination). Both of which are reasonably inexpensive to buy.
  • An Online Educational Service allowing teachers and students to find easily find each other, as well as handle booking and financial transactions.

The Next Step…

Whilst we have discussed the advantages that Online Learning can give to Teacher, Student and the environment, there are other factors you should consider:

How Can I as a Teacher find students to teach online?

How do I avoid double-booking issues?

How can I manage the financial transactions regarding lesson bookings?

Thankfully our services solve all of these issues, which then leave both teacher and student free to teach and learn.

Preparing For Christian Home Schooling – A Home Schooling Supplies Checklist

In a traditional education system, the teacher, parents, and children need to prepare for the upcoming year. The same occurs with Christian home schooling except that the family does all of the preparations. This means the family not only needs to collect all of their home schooling supplies, but also different methods such as field trips to help teach the children the concepts being presented in the course. With everything being done, it can be difficult to keep track of what is going on. One of the easiest ways to prepare for the new season of learning is by using a checklist.

Home Schooling Supplies

The first step is to decide on the courses and curriculums the kids will be learning this year. Once you have this, you can figure out what kinds of home schooling supplies you will need. An art curriculum may need chalks and pencil crayons for example. Also, be sure you take things such as science projects or other special occurrences into consideration. Sometimes, these books will already have a checklist right in the package that tells you what the kids will need during that segment. Don’t forget to add on standard items such as pencils, pens, paper, etc.

Plan The Delivery Of Concepts

Just because the children are involved in Christian home schooling doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the activities they would have in a traditional classroom. In fact, this creates the perfect opportunity for families and groups of home education children to plan fun activities that meet your individual needs. This could include projects such as creating collages, interviewing someone in the field, or working through a concept in a hands-on environment.

Prepare for these by making a list of places to get ideas and contacting them to see what kinds of ideas they have. One good place to try is a Christian home schooling support group, which is a collection of families educating their children at home the same way as you are. The Internet and subject specific groups are also a wealth of ideas and information to help you reinforce these concepts.

Additional Education

Some classes such as music, art, and physical education have written curriculums that are great, but many times families would like to explore these a little farther. To do this, decide whether your children’s educational plans will include additional art or music lessons.

For physical education, see if other families are interested in holding various games and activities together or the kids could join existing church youth or sports groups. The ability to control how your children learn and who surrounds them are some of the biggest benefits of home education.

Preparation is one of the easiest ways to ensure the year’s Christian home schooling runs smoothly. You will have all of the home schooling supplies and activities planned so that all your family will have to do is follow the curriculum and enjoy the custom learning experience.

Selecting the Best University For an Accredited Online MBA Degree

The acquisition of an online MBA degree from an accredited university is of paramount importance to kick-start your career. Some students commit the mistake of earning an MBA from a university, which is not accredited. When you study business administration at an unaccredited university and receive an online degree which is not approved, you are going to face plenty of problems in finding a good job in a reputable organization, as employers are going to give preference to students who have attained their online MBA degree from an accredited university.

So how exactly can you pick the best university to acquire your online MBA degree from? Following are some factors you should take into consideration, which would help you decide on the best possible online university for your degree:

Course Structure

When selecting a university for an online MBA degree, you need to take into account the course structure of the program. Make sure that the course structure is designed properly and fits well into the present industry scenario. For example, if you are interested in acquiring an MBA focused on marketing, then the kinds of marketing strategies you are going to learn are crucial. Point to be noted here is that marketing strategies that were successful 10 years back may not work at this moment of time because market conditions do not remain constant and keep on changing with the passage of time.


Faculty members also play a prominent part in any MBA program, may it be on campus or online. After all, they are the ones who teach you all the concepts & strategies related to your program. Before selecting any university, check the qualification and experience of faculty members. There is no point in taking admission in a university whose faculty members lack experience in terms of teaching, particularly when it comes to teaching online. In an ideal scenario, you should opt for an online college or university where experts from various industries are a part of the faculty.

Placement Facility

As soon as you acquire your online MBA degree, you would want to get placed at a good organization. With competition being so intense in the market, this is not going to be easy. And that is where the role of placement cells at colleges and universities comes in. Most of the reputed online colleges and universities have placement cell whose main responsibility is to provide job placement to their students as soon as they acquire their degree. Before enrolling in any university, make sure that they provide placement facility to their online students.


Some students believe that online universities that charge high tuition rates are the best institutions. This is a very wrong concept as most of the reputed online universities do not charge hefty tuition rates from their online MBA students. As a matter of fact, it has been found that usually it is the bogus universities and degree mills which charge huge fees for their online MBA programs.

Subject Material

To acquire an accredited and acceptable online MBA degree, you need to study high quality course material. If that is not the case, your entire educational journey is going to suffer immensely. Therefore, before taking admission in any online college or university, see how they prepare the subject material, more importantly, what you should not is whether they take any expert help or is the preparations of the online course material an in-house affair.

By taking the aforementioned steps, you can locate the best possible and accredited online university for you to acquire your online MBA degree from. The consideration of these facts would help you assure yourself that you are not being charged extra for your program and are being taught the best subject material, which is as good as the curriculum taught to traditional MBA students.

Scholarship Money For Teaching – Help Others Benefit From Education

Teaching is a profession that has a great impact on youth. Think about your most important teachers and mentors. They were strong influences on you and some people feel they have been able to give them hope when their family was dysfunctional. Though the job is challenging, there is the nice benefit of longer vacations than many job positions.

Education is expensive and it’s good to know your options to receive college funding via grants or scholarship money. Many people know that they want to go into education and this is useful because some programs give money to high school twelve graders that are aware of their goals in this direction.

You will need to agree to teach for a few years at a designated school and the Paul Douglas Teacher Scholarship fund may be awarded to you if you are senior that is going to declare your major to be education.

Another is the Phi Delta Kappa Education Foundation. Money is granted to both undergraduates already in school as well as to seniors in high school that are applying to college.

If you are a member of a minority group you can look into the Minority Teacher and Special Education Services Scholarship. This pertains to individuals who are looking to teach in Indiana.

Have you served in the military? There is a program called Troops to Teachers that focuses on helping those in military get scholarship money for a teaching degree.

If either your mom or dad are involved in teaching, you may be able to qualify for funding from an organization called the American Federation of Teachers.

In your essay it can be useful to speak about how you received benefit from your years of education and even highlight a few teachers that were influential in your life. Demonstrate your understanding of the role that a teacher plays in terms of academic development as well as the important place an instructor has for a student.

3 Techniques To Overcome Obstacles To Learning A Foreign Language

As everyone already knows, knowing a foreign language can be so beneficial especially when touring foreign countries. Not only would you be able to absorb more of the culture but you would also be able to reduce the chance of getting taken for a ride by unscrupulous people.

Moreover, studies have shown that the elderly who are able to converse in a second language are sharper than those who are not able to do so.

The only thing better than knowing a foreign language is knowing a few foreign languages. However, there are many obstacles to learning a new language especially when you are an adult.

Proper Mindset
The main obstacle to learning a new language is the mindset for a person. Many have the idea that they are too old to learn a new language. Though it is true that children, especially those under the age of five, pick up languages faster, it is never too old to learn another language.

Some people can pick up a foreign language just after 6 months while others may take a year or so before they can comprehend and speak a new language fluently.

The important thing is to make sure you have the correct mindset before trying to learn another language. A defeatist attitude never did anyone any good.

Appropriate Classes
Though there are many cases of people learning a new language via tools such as foreign language software alone, it is advisable to attend foreign language classes. If you attend a class, the teacher can point out mistakes and help you improve your language skills faster. It is also a great place to meet other people who you could practice speaking your new language with.

Mind you, there are times when you might find the class either too fast or too slow for you. It is not too bad if you find the class to slow but problems could arise if the class is too fast. If the class is too fast for you, do not give up. Try to find a class which would allow you to learn at a comfortable pace for you.

I once read an interesting comment from a famous guitar player. He said it does not matter how fast it takes you to learn a certain technique as long as you are able to play it in the end. The same would apply to learning a new language.

Additional Tools
To help you on your way to learning a foreign language, it is important to use easily available tools such as foreign language software. All these tools will help you familiarize yourself with the languages and how it is used in different situations. Hopefully, you will end up mastering new languages faster.